Myself, but more awesome


Perception: 3
Reflex: 2
Intelligence: 2
Social: 2
Might: 2

Weapons: Collapsible baton, various small items (TBD) to use as throw away fetishes

Vehicle proficiency


Fetish Creation:
I’m able to touch an item and imbue it with a target’s worst fears
2d20 rolled; if target fails a focus check, they are afraid of the fetish for 2d20 hours. If they are trapped with this item near by, they must make insanity checks
Ranged (23 ft maximum): I can now fear items from range

Notes: I cannot reuse an item until the first fear has worn off (IE: If I use my baton to fear someone, I cannot use it again to fear another person until the first 2d20 time is up)

I’m able to heal others at the cost of my own health
D6 rolled, and I use that much of my HP to siphon it to a friend (or enemy, if I’m so inclined)



Ghostwave Jalopy