We like to party

we like, we like to party

After arriving back on Earth, our fellow wavers find themselves in Wyoming. A flood of texts and emails are now emerging from their phones from loved ones and maybe a potential old friend just saying hi but now thinks you don’t like him because they didn’t respond in a timely manner. Needless to say, shit has hit the fan since they’ve been gone.

Chrysalis and Orzech unluckily find themselves completely broke with maxed out credit cards while Trauma seems to have noticed that all of his debts are paid off. Taking a bus back to Seattle, the team sees that many things have changed while being busy in the contrasphere.

1. The Mammoth has been taken to the impound lot
2. Big Fish has been attacked with a cryptic message left for Trauma on the walls
3. Orzech’s place of residence has burned down to the ground (again)

After some snooping around and finding some of them blue’s clues, Trauma has come to the conclusion that the people who may have burned down Orzech’s place is the potentially-no-longer-dead, Blackbox and some other wavers dressed for Prom.

What happened to Blackbox while the team has been gone? Who are these wavers that are dressed for Prom and why do they like burning down houses? What happened to the finances of the group and why? Will the group be playing the Vengabus song nonstop while driving The Mammoth? Stay tuned for the next session of …. Ghostwave!



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