We like to party
we like, we like to party

After arriving back on Earth, our fellow wavers find themselves in Wyoming. A flood of texts and emails are now emerging from their phones from loved ones and maybe a potential old friend just saying hi but now thinks you don’t like him because they didn’t respond in a timely manner. Needless to say, shit has hit the fan since they’ve been gone.

Chrysalis and Orzech unluckily find themselves completely broke with maxed out credit cards while Trauma seems to have noticed that all of his debts are paid off. Taking a bus back to Seattle, the team sees that many things have changed while being busy in the contrasphere.

1. The Mammoth has been taken to the impound lot
2. Big Fish has been attacked with a cryptic message left for Trauma on the walls
3. Orzech’s place of residence has burned down to the ground (again)

After some snooping around and finding some of them blue’s clues, Trauma has come to the conclusion that the people who may have burned down Orzech’s place is the potentially-no-longer-dead, Blackbox and some other wavers dressed for Prom.

What happened to Blackbox while the team has been gone? Who are these wavers that are dressed for Prom and why do they like burning down houses? What happened to the finances of the group and why? Will the group be playing the Vengabus song nonstop while driving The Mammoth? Stay tuned for the next session of …. Ghostwave!

A New Lemorl Champion!
What A Twist!

Where our heroes split…

Trauma attempted to read the mind of the Surf Rider assistant, Vizlok, and found himself unable to match the Lemorl in psychic prowess. Assuring Vizlok that he only wanted information on other champions, rather than the answer to the current puzzle, Trauma was given a choice. Under pressure of time, Trauma made the decision to champion for the Lemorl during their challenge, volunteering both Orzech and Phobos to aid him. Although distraught at the thought of potentially having to fight Lt. Dongle, it didn’t occur to Phobos to deny the request to aid the Lemorl. If it came down to it, she knew she’d refuse to fight the man she loved, or any of her other friends on the Chantu team. Vizlok disappeared after giving up information about other champions, merging with Trauma’s consciousness as an unexpected, and likely unwanted, guest.

Assuming they could tackle all challenges together, though the team now championed for two races, Trauma attempted to help Chrysalis make the right choice. Vizlok pleaded within his mind that the Lemorl needed to win the Contrasphere challenge, and that his champion should not aid the Chantu group. With a discreet nod from Phobos, Chrysalis was able to interview the ‘right’ Lemorl for the Surf Rider position. Vizlok appeared corporeally one last time to let them know they’d passed the challenge.

Because the previous Lemorl champion had failed a challenge, Trauma discovered that his new team’s “pass” had been used on the Quai challenge. Rather than returning to the familiar corridor which contained the amulet, the trio found themselves in another very familiar space…

(I’ll update this challenge once the Chantu group has seen it for themselves)

Each member of the trio fell onto a platform of their own, which orbited a small, red sun. Phobos and Orzech both collapsed broken and bloodied upon their platforms, too weak to move, too weak to aid Trauma in the Varantello’s challenge. They watched as the beautiful creature materialized and passed three orbs to their friend. How fitting that they should see an angel before they died!

Trauma looked from platform to platform, and although he couldn’t be heard at that distance, he appeared to be talking to himself. Blue beams of light began to shoot from the sun, obliterating any island it hit. A sense of urgency overtook the last team member standing, and he used an orb to create a land bridge to another island closer to the sun. As though they were specifically targeting Phobos; islands around her began to disappear in clouds of shrapnel and dust. Halfway across his second land bridge, a blue beam of light finally found its mark: Phobos disappeared in an explosion of light. As Orzech had been much closer to Trauma at the start of the challenge, he’d been fortunate enough to hear the goal; to touch that which threatens the team. Unsure of what exactly threatened them, but knowing he had little time and fewer options, Orzech began to fire energy from his hands at the sun. But the effort was futile. He then looked to his friend, rolling off his island and flying toward the sun. Like a comet in the night sky, he caught fire and crumbled to ash.

Alone, knowing a blue beam of light could strike him at any moment, Trauma used the power within him to jump to another platform, rather than to risk wasting an orb. Desperate, he fired a beam of energy at the sun. Although he was unsure of whether or not violence was actually the solution, his energy created a dark spot on the sun. His last attempt to use the orb on the dark spot of the sun failed. Frustrated, he launched himself toward the spot, arms locked in front of his face, defiantly crying out at the injustice of the challenge, the Myriad, and the death of his companions. As his world faded to black, he was filled with a sense of victory, and…

Our heroes found themselves together again, in varying states of disarray upon hot sand, under a familiar blue sky. Although the ground and air both were dry, the group found themselves curiously moist, feeling healthy and whole again. After checking their phones, they discovered that months had gone by since their abrupt departure to the Contrasphere. “Champion!” A very distraught and confused Vizlok cried out to Trauma, “Where are we?” They also discovered, much to their dismay, that they were now located somewhere in Wyoming. How will they get back to Washington? What will they tell their family and friends? Tune in next time!

Take a Chance...
Contrasphere Group 1

On a night like any other, our heroes found themselves at Chao Bistro celebrating the completion of their bus: The Party Mammoth. In the middle of the evening, the group noticed as Chrysalis’s chest began to glow brightly. A moment later the entire group was transported to a large white room, along with their surroundings, as an ABBA song played repeatedly. A Chantu approached the group and relayed that this was the Contrasphere, and that it was time for them to face their challenges.

The first room the heroes entered was a small dark room with a pedestal in the center. The pedestal contained a bright ruby amulet on top. Regardless of what the group tried, the amulet, the pedestal, and indeed the room itself refused to react to their actions. Seeing no use for the room, Chrysalis claimed the ruby amulet and then proceeded through two large oaken doors.

The next room resembled a hive, and soon sported a gargantuan beetle at least 80 feet in length. The beetle hovered, staring at the group. Chrysalis acted first attempting to strike down the beast. Orzech fired eye-beams repeatedly shortly after Chrysalis’ attempt. Both were unable to do any damage. Phobos, Trauma, and LT Dongle stood there in amazement at the giant insect. Chrysalis used his brains to land the giant monstrosity by chrystalizing one of it’s wings then being bucked off of its back completely. Immediately after his fall, however, a large golden blast of energy hurled from the chest of Trauma and obliterated the insect.

Afterward, the heroes found themselves back in the amulet room though they were still unable to realize its purpose. LT Dongle was slightly upset about Chrysalis losing the first amulet.

In their next challenge, the group faced a queer manner of game show, in which a robot host and robot audience members invited the heroes to answer a series of riddles. Trauma offered himself as the first contestant, but was incorrect in assuming that “Charcoal Gray” was the best color for an interview. As a result, he was dissected and destroyed by a strange energy. Seeing this, Chrysalis claimed the skull of his fallen comrade, Trauma, and fashioned a pauldron from it so that his ally could continue on their quest even in death. After this, he wisely used the group’s only pass in order to move on from this unforgiving challenge.

After another fruitless excursion to the amulet room (and another amulet lost by Chrysalis), the group entered a frozen wasteland. They instantly recognized this as the home world of Coldstar, a fictional character from a tabletop game they played long ago. Much like that original game, the heroes were thrust from world to world as they attempted to decipher the purpose of this challenge. Eventually, the group found themselves humping seemingly random objects in hope to prevent any more world thrusting from happening. After much thrusting in both senses, the team witnessed death of all of their former superhero creations and were able to see Trauma resurrected by the powerful Quenby the Queer before moving on.

Once again not realizing the importance of the amulet room (Or Chrysalis’ ability to not lose the amulet), the group moved on to an aquatic world where they met an amusing little fizz-bitch named Vizlok – Assistant to the Surfwriter. Vizlok’s purpose was to assist the group in determining the best Surfrider for the Lamorl. However, after an attempt at mind reading the small creature by Trauma, the group found itself split in two. Trauma claimed Phobos and Orzech to journey with him to champion for the Lamorl, leaving Chrysalis to champion the Chantu with Vortex, The Purge, and Lt. Dongle. Through a manner of teamwork, the Chantu group was able to decipher the correct response to the Lamorl challenge and move on. As they progressed, however, the Lamorl group was lost to them and the four traveled on without them.

Another bout with the amulet mystery ensued, followed by a challenge consisting of a room with large metal tiles. The tiles represented two separate challenges, all mathematical in nature. The group easily decoded the first challenge but barely completed the second. In a last moment decision, Chrysalis used his Crystal slide ability to buy the group 12 additional seconds in which Lt. Dongle was able to determine and call out the final response needed to progress, thus saving the group.

After once again failing to unlock the mystery of the amulet room, the group found themselves in a large chamber that sported a humongous red star and orbiting platforms. Chrysalis was given three artifacts to create land bridges, and after noting the aesthetically pleasing nature of the gift-giving entity, was given a mission to accomplish within the challenge. The Purge attempted to fly and join the rest of the group, but instead found himself hurdling toward the sun. Fortunately, he was able to land on a closer orbiting platform. Inspired by this, Chrysalis used his crystal slide to launch himself from the fourth tier that he was currently occupying to the third tier. From here, he used a land-bridge artifact and began a 900 foot run to the next platform. About halfway across the bridge, a great blue light struck the surface he was running on and he too hurdled toward the sun. Fortunately, he was able to angle toward the platform he intended and landed upon it with great force. He used another land bridge and quickly made it to the first tier. He attempted to use the final land bridge to access the sun but it only replied in error. Seeing platforms destroyed all around him and his friends at risk, Lt. Dongle cried out a suggestion to link to a first tier platform on the far side of the star. In doing so, Chrysalis was able to create a land bridge that orbited the sun and passed nearby the blue light source. He ran with great speed to the point of origin and quickly dipped his crystal forearm into the brilliant light.

The group found themselves one last time in the amulet room. This time they tried the only thing they could think of and hadn’t tried before, they left the amulet alone and walked through the large oaken doors in front of them not realizing that attempting to go through the doors behind them would have solved the mystery of the amulet room. Thus the Chantu group failed the final challenge of the Contrasphere and were placed back on Earth, in Wyoming of all places, to brood in their defeat as well as figure out a way to get home.

Vizlock – Assistant to the Surfwriter (Ri der !) was also with them for some unknowable reason.

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